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The world must never forget the atrocities of the Nazi’s.


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We are in what used to be called dire straights in America and not from foreign enemies. The problem in America is the same thing that has brought down every empire that has ever existed. It is internal turmoil and fighting. It is corruption that eats away at the foundation and the support pillars that are making the nation wobble. We cannot continue as a divided nation.

     Are we going to continue to turn into a socialist, left wing melting pot of cultures and weakness that needs government intervention in even everyday life to make our decisions for us or are we going to return to the strength of our fathers? Are we so weak in moral fiber that we must have our government tell us what a family unit is? Are we so lacking in character that we must look for support groups before determining what we believe? My mom would have called this “wishy washy”. That is someone who cannot make up their minds for themselves.

     Do we need the government to tell us that Christian symbols are good for America? Are we so stupid that we do not know that Islam is not the religion of our fathers and the strength of our nation? Are we so caught up in being politically correct that we do not know that Islam is behind the attacks on America and the gas price hikes? Some things are simply common sense. In case you haven’t read some of my other articles, politically correct is just another way the left is taking away your free speech. They know that free speech is protected by the Constitution (which they are trying to destroy) but they use this term to make you ashamed of speaking the truth. This leaves them free to push their lies as truth.

     If you think America is not is dire straights, you are living with your head in the sand. Murderers are declared innocent because of their race and popularity. Some child molesters are convicted while others are turned into a media circus. Corporate criminals are treated with kids gloves while the crimes they commit damage or destroy hundreds or thousands of hard working family’s financial security.

     We have a large percentage of Americans who would see America itself destroyed to show their disdain at freeing millions from the bondage of tyranny. We have an old and honored institution (The Democrat party) taken over by socialist, left wing anti-American zealots who do not care for God or America.

     We see millions of illegal aliens coming across our borders in swarms and nothing is done to stop them. If they break the law coming into America, do you not think they will break the law when they get here? The other day, there were two girls shot in the town I work in because they would not surrender their car to two of these Mexican thugs.

     NAFTA is sending the jobs that less educated Americans used to hold to communist countries and leaving our own people struggling to survive.

     America’s pastors are limited in what they can say from the pulpit. They are in danger of losing their tax free status if they say certain things. This is the same tactic used in Russia to control pastors. Christianity was not made illegal. They simply saddled churches with ordinances that were so restrictive that they could not say anything. In America, the left embraces all forms of religion except Christianity. They are at open war against Christianity. You cannot even count the city councils and even states that have made ordinances against displaying Christian symbols on holidays. They encourage symbols of other religions. It is only Christianity that they are against.

     We are killing our own babies by the millions. I believe their cry is rising to God from the dust of the earth as surely as that of Able, who was slain by Cain. These babies are not being killed because of gross deformities (Which is still unacceptable) but because they are simply inconvenient. They are interfering with someone’s lifestyle. America’s greatness is running red with the blood of our own children.

     It is not republicans who are trying to destroy America. It is leaders of the Democrat party who are working with all of their might to destroy the founding principles of America. It was a statement of a Democrat during the 2000 election that prompted me to start this web site. He said “I do not understand why we are turning to a two hundred year old document to determine the outcome of this election”. He was speaking of the US Constitution. This is the mindset of leading Democrats. They see the Constitution as an outdated document that is restrictive to their plans to turn America into a socialist state, yet many members of the old Democrat party will continue to stay in this cesspool of corruption closing their minds and their eyes to the truth.

     Yes, America is in dire straights. We are standing on the edge of a great precipice teetering on the edge of destruction. We are not in danger from a foreign power. We are in danger from within, from the corruption that has crept in over the years. Like the Bible tells us, a little leaven leavens the whole lump. God help us because if He doesn’t, our children are inheriting a cesspool of corruption that is bound for failure as a democratic republic that was once clothed with honor and glory.

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