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Is there a very dangerous cancer growing in the ranks of the Democrat party?

On the American Socialist web sites, they identify themselves as the “Left”, New Left”  and “New Democrats”.


   We must understand that there are large and growing groups in America that believe more government and government with geater control over the masses is the only acceptable future for America. Although this is more aptly called Fabianism (socialism brought on by reforms within the law), it is still Socialism. Socialism is not just the government owning industry. It is the philosophy behind it and the authoritarian dictates it puts on the people that are warning signs of its encroachment into society. According to an article on www.newsmax.com, ABC news has admitted their left wing bias. They should have to put a trailer on everything they say so people will be informed that they are listening to bigotry when they listen to these liberal, left wing biased networks. By their own professsion, they believe in more government control:

According to the column: (see article above)

(Quote) Like every other institution, the Washington and political press corps operate with a good number of biases and predilections.

They include, but are not limited to, a near-universal shared sense that liberal political positions on social issues like gun control, homosexuality, abortion, and religion are the default, while more conservative positions are "conservative positions." They include a belief that government is a mechanism to solve the nation's problems (Unquote)

     There is an entire article in that last sentence I made bold but that is for another time. They go on to say they believe conservatives are “wackos”.

     There truly is a lot at stake if you believe in traditional American values, patriotism, capitalism, instilling confidence in other nations, national honesty, national security, national pride, Christian values and freedom itself. This is not a treatise on Christianity although Christian values are mentioned. Nowhere in the Constitution is there a word about “Separation of Church and State”. Atheist and the left hate for Christianity to be brought up in anything. They try to say the Constitution says there has to be a separation of Church and State but they are wrong. To quote the Bill Of Rights; Article III, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”. The US Constitution protects us the people by saying Congress cannot establish any religion as a State religion by passage of law which would outlaw all other religions in the nation. Some countries have established Catholicism as the State religion, England once established the “Church Of England” as the state religion. Every Muslim country establishes Islam as the state religion. Mentioning Christian principles is not against the Constitution. Liberal left wing groups are trying to read into the Bill Of Rights what is not there and liberal courts are helping them by overstepping their bounds and saying they have the authority to define the Constitution.  I know these left wing groups will argue that power is in the courts  and their argument is that courts agree with them. They have hi-jinked America long enough with their cohorts and cronies in the liberal court system who are trying with all that is in them to take the power of the Constitution away from the people. Dennis Kucinich said in one of the Democrat debates that he would turn the Constitution over to the UN for them to oversee. Congress is the legislative branch of government and they (We the people) are the ones who define (all legislative power) the Constitution and establish law according to the US Constitution. I remember during the 2000 election vote count fraud attempt by Gore (which the Democrats tried their best to blame on Bush), I heard a lot of Democrats on TV asking the most anti-american question you could ever imagine. They said “I don’t understand why we are turning to a two hundred year old document to settle this anyway (Referring to the Constitution). What has happened inside the Democrat party?

Article. I.

Section 1.

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives

     I know a lot of liberal left wing judges have attempted to take this power on themselves but the founding fathers made this and unbreachable article in their wisdon and knowledge of corrupt men. It is past time that “We the people” remind Congress that they and not the courts are the legislative branch of government. Courts are only an interpretive branch of government and when there is dispute, it falls on Congress to define, not courts. Congress cannot establish Christianity or any other religion as the “State” religion. This in no way intimates that Christian principles cannot be used. America was founded by peoples fleeing the tyranny of State established religion and Americans are promised a freedom to worship God as they choose as long as it does not intrude on the rights of others to worship in their way and likewise they cannot stifle our freedom to live, witness and worship as Christians. It does not tell us we have to be silent or secret in our worship, walk, news commentaries or any other part of life. We are free to allow our Christian principle to influence others. We are free to try to win converts to Christianity in public. We are free to worship and show public displays of our Christian heritage just as others are free to do the same. The left is fighting with all that is in them to take this right away from us. The left (Socialist) wing of the Democrat party is the most corrupt, deceptive and dangerous organization to ever step in Washington DC and they have control of the entire Democrat Party.

     I tried to keep this article as short as I possibly could because; One, long reading makes a person lose sight of the picture you are trying to paint, and two, it will be far better for you to read the links for yourself. You cannot explain forty years of corruption in two paragraphs though. When I first started this site, my goal was to try to galvanize support for President Bush. I started researching things I had never really got involved in before. As I searched, a trend began developing that caused me a lot of apprehension concerning, not moderates, but left wing Democrats. I found overwhelming evidence that the Democrat Party is to a certain part controlled and dominated by American Socialist! How much is anyone’s guess! I intend to try my best to prove that statement here in this article. This is not saying that all Democrats are Socialist. It is saying there is a cancer thriving in the midst of the Democrat Party and if it is not dealt with, it will continue to grow exponentially!

     Socialist almost always use an existing political structure to gain power. Socialist always try to make their political goals look appealing, beneficial and good for society. All you have to do is look at the world around you to see this is a falsehood. Look at the European Block nations. Socialism has brought ignorance, personal and national poverty, and a total disregard for the rights of the individual to every country they have gotten power in. At the same time, one of the platforms they use to gain power is promising individual rights and an equal social status with divided wealth. This can be very attractive to some who for one reason or another feel like they have been disenfranchised, either electorally, socially or personally. Socialism thrives on those who follow out of ignorance, misplaced loyalty to some other group and poverty.

     They have a special hatred for Christianity because Christians believe in following Christ only and living separated in this world. Chritians live to convert others to Christ and that is a threat to Socialism. Jews have a devout beleif in God and this is against the atheist structure of Socialism. Anyone not in their power structure that strives to rise above others in wealth, land ownership, or political power is a threat because they can awaken dreams in others that is a threat to Socialism. If you think the far left wing of the Democrat party is not against Christianity you need to get alone and do some serious thinking and praying about the matter if you consider yourself a Christian. True Christians are hated by the far left because they are uncompromising and the very message of Christianity (all are sinners and Jesus is the only way) is a contradiction to far left ideology. Michael Harrington, a noted American Socialist who died in 1989, was educated in general education and college by Jesuits and was a lifelong college professor and leader of the DSA (Democratic Socialist of America). He is known to have spoken of God in extreme bouts of anger and was an avowed atheist. These attacks against prayer in school, the Ten Commandments, Christmas, the manger scene, acknowledging that America was built on Christian principles is not from the right, it comes straight from the left wing liberals of the Democrat Party. The attempts to get Christian broadcasting and even gospel music off of the airways is not from the right. These explosive attacks on Christians comes from the left wing Democrats.The outcry to support Israel’s enemies is not from the right. The lies, slander and malicious attacks against the President are not from the right. They come from the Democrat Party and yet the Democrat party is full of people who pray, go to church and profess to follow Christ. These same people go to church and say they are against the ungodliness in the world and then go and vote these corrupt politicians into office. I do not understand it.The Democrat primaries are focused on courting the far left (Democratic Socialist). The Democrat party unashamedly gathers to themselves those groups whose very doctrines stand for  the destruction of American Capitalism, Christianity and freedom as we know it! They are using the people of the Democrat party to further their destructive agendas and these people are either blind to it or they are party to it.

     The outcry in America that our children do not need to be taught patriotism comes from the left wing of the Democrat party also. It will be so easy for Socialism to get control in America if a generation has no allegiance to a patriotic dream. They say our children do not need to learn the Star Spangled Banner. The left says our children don’t need to know the Pledge Of Allegiance to The United States Of America. They say they can see nothing wrong with burning the American flag. These facts alone should be enough to make any American stand up and say “enough is enough”, but Democrats will go and vote these left wing radicals into political office.

     These American Socialist use the same tactics the devil used in the Garden Of Eden. Satan told Eve, “You will not surely die”, knowing it was her spiritual life that died immediately, not her physical life (The story of Adam and Eve is a lot deeper than this but this is all that is needed here). She ate the forbidden fruit and saw that she was still living and went to Adam because she felt they had been deceived. The truth was, she had brought on all of mankind a terrible curse and spiritual death which lead over time to physical death. She chose to believe the father of liars. Socialist say a society where there is no class division and where wealth is divided equally and everyone works for the good of all is a utopia. You have to look beneath the surface of what they are saying, just like Eve should have done with satan to get to the truth. The truth is, Socialism kills the drive to achieve in people. It destroys the personal dream. People living under Socialism become fearful that they will be seen as non contributing members of society and the dreams, drive and personal ambition that makes people free in their personal creativity and creative passions are lost. Their dreams and ambitions as well as their drive has been buried under the lies of a Socialist utopia.

     It seems like people are jumping on the bandwagon so to speak for the government to supply more and more of our needs. There is a growing support for government sponsored health insurance. It would be nice if this could be done without forfeiting individual rights, but the truth is, it would lead to total government control over our medical care. The government would decide who gets what level of treatment and how much will be spent on them according to their usefulness to society.

     We go to Church and sing “Oh, how I love Jesus and the blood of over forty million babies are crying out from the soil of America. Americans support this ungodly and malicious murder of the helpless by voting these left wing politicians back into office. These people do not want to take the responsibility for their lack of control over their children’s lives so the easy way out is to pass laws and kill the babies and pretend you have a good family. If you cannot see your failure looking back at you every day it is easier to feel like you have no moral weaknesses. Take it from one who knows, this does not work. Some are so caught up in their own lives they would rather kill a helpless baby than take responsibility for a family. The left stirs up hatred against anyone who has the courage enough to stand up against it. Every agenda that is designed to take America further away from God and conservative values comes from the left and Democrats keep voting them into office. Shame is on every Democrat who votes for one of these devils. Democrats will turn their heads to any ungodliness and sin as long as their politicians promise them more money and a safe economy. Democrats are turning their heads as left wing socialist are using their party to carry them to a destructive victory in America. America is selling its birthright of “We the people” for a false security of more government control and intervention in our lives.

     We have got to start getting involved by getting informed. The days of just enjoying our freedom and taking for granted that it will always be that way are gone. If you want an America where your children’s children will know the same level of freedom that you and I do, we have to start getting involved. We must realize that government control in our lives is unacceptable. Even little things like seat belts and motorcycle helmets, though they make a person safer are more government control in peoples lives. I believe they make us safer, but I do not believe these things should be forced upon free adults. There can be incentives like lower insurance for using them and a penalty on insurance if they have an accident while not using them but forcing them on free adults is wrong. Smoking is another example of government extending their control over peoples lives because of the will of a few. Even empty ashtrays are illegal in some places of New York. They are talking on the news tonight that the police went into a bar and busted the owner for having ashtrays with no search warrant and they refused to tell him who issued the complaint. Actions like this borders on a police state.

     Gun control is another instance of irresponsible government intervention in peoples lives. Gun control cannot be forced upon the law abiding citizens of America  just because a certain group do not like guns or for other, deeper agendas, they do not want the citizenry to have arms. In 1938, Hitler managed to pass a gun control act so the “streets and our children” would be safer in Germany. He confiscated the guns and then took over as Dictator, installing a Fascist regime. The people of Germany had no way to stop him. The criminal element could care less about any number of gun laws. There are people on the left who support euthanasia for elderly or sick members of society who are no longer able to fulfill a useful role in society. You see, without God society turns into a giant ant colony where the individual is not important. The colony is all that is important. There is also an element of society who design their lives so they will be able to get more and more money from the government in welfare and other amenities. Rather than try to get these people to learn to stand on their own, they are encouraged by the way these programs are managed to stay in these programs. Instead of being part of “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union”, they become “We the people who are dependent upon the government”.

     None of these things by themselves show socialism in America but they are a clear sign socialism is making inroads and that society is getting more and more to the point where they are willing and some even anxious to accept government intervention and control in their lives. As time goes by, people are becoming more dependent on the government supplying their needs and making decisions for them that they themselves should be handling. This growing dependance on the government looking after more and more areas in our lives is chipping away at individual freedom and independence Americans have always known and is guaranteed by the Constitution. This dependance on the government to “Look after what is best” for us is an open invitation for socialism to continue taking root in America. This “left” side of the Democrat Party is already in full control of the Democrat primary’s (Even liberal news media commentators cede this) and they are getting stronger and more dominant in the general election.

     America is possibly in the most dangerous time politically it has been in since 1776 when American democracy and capitalism was born. Socialism and Capitalism (free enterprise) are in direct opposition to one another. Capitalism has been the vessel used by countless Americans and immigrants to rise above poverty and instill hope in those who would otherwise be hopeless. It was the birth cry of the American dream. Capitalism has been the spark in countless lives that has turned a dream into a business and a business into a world class Corporation. Capitalism is what makes the person who has an idea go out to their garage and turn that idea into a future for them and their family, as well as others who may be hired and benefit from this same dream. I feel this is one reason President Bush is so supportive of small, private business.  Socialism wants to destroy that. They would have you do it but not for yourself. They would have you do it for what they call “the people”. In Socialism, personal achievement and pride is considered a fault.

     No political structure born of this world is perfect, because of the failure of politicians to be able to separate their personal goals from the peoples wishes. This is true of Socialism or any other form of government, but traditional American policies and capitalism has brought a strength, profit and hope to people’s of oppressed countries worldwide. American Socialist would change this and they have seen the Democrat Party as the vessel they will ride to the fulfillment of these goals. It seems like not only did they choose the Democrat Party because of the natural liberal slant of the Democrat Party but it looks like the Democrat Party has embraced these people whose anti-American goals would destroy the very structure of American politics that has made America great.

     I will give you some links to look at but you cannot just give these links a cursory glance and come away seeing the dangers of Socialism. They do not write their articles to frighten you. Their articles are written to court and seduce you. To understand what they are saying, you must first understand what Socialism is. You must look at the goals they are striving for and see that these are the same goals that has brought Socialism into so many other countries to the ultimate enslavement of those nations. Here is a link to an article on the World socialism web site on “What Socialism Is”. They feed and thrive on Unions and on those who consider themselves disparaged for one reason or another.

     First, you must realize as you read through the DSA’s (link below) own writings, they themselves attest to the fact that they cannot refer to themselves as “Socialist” or “Communist” in today’s world. These terms have prevented them from succeeding in the past. The term they have adopted since the 1990’s is the  “New Left” and “New Democrats” (By their own declaration). I am sure you have heard of this term before but just thought it was a revitalizing of the Democrat Party. Do not be deceived by sweet sounding words. New Democrats and New Left are American Socialist terms and they stands for the total annihilation of Capitalism in America.

   Among noted members mentioned on their web site are names like Gloria Steinem, Ed Asner and heads of labor unions across America. Their web site brags about the fact that Socialist were and are the strength of unions in America. They brag about the nineties being held by one of the best “New Democrats” to date, namely Bill Clinton.

     Now that I have tried to stir your curiosity about knowing the truth, Here are some links you really need to look at.

     First is the main URL for the Democratic Socialist Of America (DSA). Secondly, here is the URL for their own “brief” history of Socialism in America. Third, a link to a large American Union that openly declares themselves to be Socialist (of course, most, if not all unions are founded on socialism) and has been seen on the platform of every speech Howard Dean has made showing their banners in the background. They changed their support to John Kerry after Dean dropped out. They are the AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees). The name sounds all American and innocent, doesn’t it? Their agenda is Socialism by their own profession. This union is also listed in another article I have on my site, “Dangerous Agendas”. Here is a link to the “World Socialist Organization”. Last but far from least, Do not be deceived by the tactics. They are masters of the written word. It has been their weapon of choice as long as Socialism has been around.

     If you think these groups are satisfied with trying to get power and they fight in a fair way, you are dead wrong. They are working overtime on college campuses and even in high schools to gain followers. Here is a link to the “Young Democratic Socialist of America” (YDA). These people do not want you. They want your children and your grandchildren. You can keep voting these left wing Democrats into office if you want to on some misguided and blinded supposition that the Democrat party is the same as it used to be, but you are heeding the call of the pied piper.

     This in itself should be enough to convince all but the totally blind that the Democrat party has became the pawn of Socialist in America and if you are a Democrat, you are being used by this anti-American socialist structure to try to bring down the very thing you love so much. A person can be in a room full of blinding lights and if they refuse to open their eyes, they cannot see a thing. I would leave such an organization. I did when I was a young man and saw then that the Democrat party was filled with a stench that reeked of something very sour. I think one of the problems Democrats face is their desire to be all-encompassing. They want to accept everyone (except Bible believing Christians) equally. This cannot be done in the real world. It sounds good and in a utopian society where there was no crime against persons and men’s goals are not saturated with personal agendas and the drive to achieve power this is a great dream. The truth is, because of sinful, evil people, this dream cannot be fulfilled by man. This “dream” that liberals are trying to achieve is what Christians call the golden age and it can only come about when God has rid the world of sin. But then again, Socialist do not believe in God!.


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