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War Against Christianity




The world must never forget the atrocities of the Nazi’s.


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Left wing political groups want an America where sin is not defined by Christian morality!

Why do left wing liberals and Christians not get along with each other?

They want an America not hobbled by Christian codes of ethics!

Who are the “They’s” always spoken about when talking about the Left?

Before you read this article I would like for you to understand that there is not an attack against Democrats in this article. There is an explanation of the left wing liberal groups that have managed to get such a controlling hold in the Democrat party. It is these left wing liberal anti-christian groups that has gotten a strong hold on the good people of the Democrat party and is deceiving them for their own agendas. These interest are not in the interest of any christian in America, no matter what political group they are part of.

     On the surface war seems like a harsh word to apply to what we are beginning to see more and more of in the press, on the news and in the courts. War is the attempt to destroy and subdue what one considers its enemy. This “war” is not being waged against any other religion. It seems like Crosses11 copythese groups that are waging this “war” are more than willing to embrace any other religion as long as it does not name the name of Christianity. Anything that bears the name of Christ or relates to Christ in any way is legal game for their attacks. I could go into detail about the attacks against the Ten Commandments, Christmas, manger scenes, and on and on and on.

     The very real and present danger lies in greater agendas though. These groups that are attacking Christianity have a deeper and far more sinister reason for their attacks. One reason for these attacks is that Christianity is in direct opposition to the open sinfulness some people want America to embrace. As long as America stands on Judea/Christian law, groups like sodomite’s and lesbians will not be free to spread their poison across America. Organizations like NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) will always have their hands tied from pursuing their perverse lifestyles of seducing children. Political organizations like socialist (they hate Christianity), Feminist (They see Christianity as constrictive), left wing Democrats (Christianity is a burden) and others for political reasons are in support of eliminating Christianity from America. Religious groups that do not embrace Christianity such as the occult (A vastly growing community), Wicca (A very strong witchcraft community), Atheism ( disavow God’s existence), Satanism (worshippers of Satan), secularist (man is his own deity), Islam (worshippers of Allah (they hate Christianity and refer to us as infidels and dogs)), and others too many to list in their total number, all feel like they are strong enough together to destroy Christianity in America. Together and separately, these groups fight to chip away at Christian liberty, using liberal left wing sympathetic courts to advance their attacks. These people have a hatred for Christianity that is fueled by Satan himself. Every time a left wing judge who is sympathetic to them gets on the bench they get stronger.

     The other focus is an idealistic and political desire to have the world come together in one mind and spirit of working together for what is called the betterment of all of mankind without God. These people see religion as the source of all the worlds evil. They blame most wars on religion and they are right. The problem is that they place true Christianity in this group and nothing could be further from the truth. Perverted Christianity by people who have private agendas and an anti-Semitic mindset use Christianity to further their ends just like they use any convenient vessel to spread their hate. The people who believe this are blind to the truth and they do not want to see how Christianity has been used by corrupt people.   These groups believe man is his own God. John Lennon who was a member of the communist party spoke of this in his song “Imagine”. This song was written to promote a world without God, heaven or hell. This song could be an anthem for communism and people embraced the song like it was the greatest thing that ever came along. It received accolades for greatness and the song was a slap in the face to democracy and Christianity.

     Some have called this mindset that is working to bring the world together in one accord “The one world order”. Some of you will laugh at that. Laugh on, but read on please. Many of you have seen logos and different things at work depicting this mindset, even if you did not recognize it for what it was. The company I worked for had these. One was a screen saver they encouraged everyone to install on their company computers. They also have it in printed form that can be posted around the plant. It started out with the company logo in the center of the screen and then sentences began coming outward from the logo. These sentences were comprised of statements such as “One World”, “One Team”, “One Mind”, “One Goal”, “One Thought”, “One Voice”, etc. Christianity is the only religion in the world that distinctly teaches against and has dire warnings concerning this order. Christianity relates this time to a world leader that will bring the entire world together for a brief time in a peace and prosperity like the world has never seen. This leader will be hailed as the true Messiah. All of the world will flock to his banner. This peace will only be a short lived one though. His leadership will usher in a time of violence and war like the world has never seen.

     This makes Christianity a direct opposing force to the completion of these groups goals for a world united together for the benefit of all mankind as one people. These left wing groups are activist’s working toward this goal. On the surface this seems like a wonderful idea. Who would not want the world to come together working together with one mind and one goal. There are far too many reasons to go into in this article why this will not work according to Christianity. Christian ministers have been preaching about this world order and the reasons it will not work for centuries. The Bible has a lot to say about this time called “the end times”.

     These left wing activist do want a financially strong America and a unified America, just not a conservative or a conservative Christian America. For years now, these left wing groups have been wanting to destroy anything that strengthens America and unifies us as a conservative or a Christian nation. They have attacked relentlessly everyone from Columbus to the founding fathers to any other person or event that traditional Americans admire and look up to. They have tried to change history concerning the siege of the Alamo. They have tried to show the founding fathers in a cruel and vicious light. They make sure they remind you that Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and had children by them. They do not tell you that it was the accepted norm of the time. It is just a way they throw dirt at the founding fathers.

     This traditional mindset which is grounded in Christianity must be destroyed before the United States will be open minded enough to be a true member of a “One Mind, One World, One Team, One Thought”, One Voice” order.

     These same people recently tried to smear and ridicule a great American president (Ronald Reagan). They know they cannot reach the older Americans who have been brought up in patriotic pride. They want to infiltrate the education system, courts and media to supplant their

Christian morality and traditions is what has made America the light and strength of freedom for all the world to see.

poisonous rhetoric into the next generation of Americans.

     They have a hatred for the grass roots traditions that made America great that burns with an unquenchable fire. This same fire of hatred is what makes them hate George W. Bush like they do. They see their agendas set back with every day that he spends in the White House and they are like ravenous dogs in their unrelenting and deceitful attacks against him. I believe their hatred is so strong they would even challenge the Constitution itself to get him out of office. I hear some of these left wing liberal Bush haters on TV and I (God forbid) get the idea sometimes that they are anxiously waiting  to see another attack against America by terrorist so it will give them ammunition to use against him. Television cannot hide the fire of hatred that you can see in their eyes when they speak about him.

     They have a burning hatred for Christian morality aCrosses11a copynd traditions that has made America the light and strength of freedom. They want an America that is free from conservative tradition. They want an America where sin is not defined by Christian morality. They want an America free from restraints upon their actions. They want an America not hobbled by Christian codes of ethics. These groups want the rule of law to be “anything goes”. They want an America that does not remind them that they have moral responsibility. These left wing groups feel like they have to break the hold Christianity has on America in order for their goals to be achieved.

     Some of these left wing groups would embrace with enthusiasm an America more socialist in its politics and reforms. They want the people to depend on the government to supply peoples every need and want. This gives them power over the people. They do not want people to accept responsibility for their own actions or their future. They want the government to be the peoples security blanket against losing their lifestyle. If the people fall on hard times, they want a government that is there to tell them what went wrong and to bail them out. They want people to get so dependent on the government that they cry out like a spoiled child “I deserve better and you (the government) owe it to me”. This puts the government in control and the people as dependents. The founding fathers had a different plan. Their plan  was for the government to be controlled by and answerable to “We the people”. Liberal left wing activist want to change that. They feel like they know what is best for the people. They want the people answerable to the government. I feel like they would change the Constitution From “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union”, to read “We the government, in order to form a more perfect union”.

     Yes, there is a war against Christianity. There is a war against the grass roots traditions of our founding fathers. There is a war against an America governed by law founded on Christian morality and principles. There is a war against the family unit as defined by Christianity.


     There is a war for what the future of America is going to be. The lines are drawn in this war and they are divisive. You are a participant in this war whether you want to be or not. You can be a victim or an open soldier in this war against Christianity. One thing is certain though. You and your children will be affected severely by the outcome of this war. You cannot stand on the sidelines hoping it will not affect you. You may remain silent and hope it will go away but you will then be a silent victim of this war.

     If you do not go to the polls and vote, you are casting a vote for the candidate you do not agree with because of your abstinence. If you do not get involved in this war against Christianity, you are lending support for the enemies of Christianity by your silence!

     If we, the grassroots traditionalist and conservatives stay quiet and do not want to get involved, we will be swept away by a future that is changed by those who are openly and aggressively seeking to make a different America for our children than the one our forefathers envisioned.


From fields of labor to towers of steel, from political right to political left, from poverty stricken to uncountable wealth, WE are America . . THE CONSERVATIVE

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