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Santa Claus 402     All that we see on TV over the “holidays” is gross materialism. Advertisements are designed to appeal to the emotions and get you the consumer into the spirit of spending. The last forty years have been spent by business and groups with agendas to un-indoctrinate America from the true Scriptural representation of the “holidays”. Special interest groups want to destroy any vestige of Christ in the holidays. Businesses want to appeal to the spending aspect of the holidays. The “Santa Claus” as we know him came from a Coca-Cola advertisement in the 1930’s. This was the beginning of the end for Christmas. He was embraced by secular America as the savior of secularism.

     My wife and I visited a church this past Sunday for the “Hanging of the Greens” and it was only then that we felt we were enjoying the true spirit of the holidays. Secular America has tried to make the holidays generic to keep from offending anyone that is not Christian. In truth they want Christ out of Christmas for their own ungodly reasons.

     Have you ever noticed that religion does not offend these anti-Christian zealots? This is because religion in itself agrees with their world ideology. According to the worlds religions, man is worthy of redemption so these world styled deities are accepted by secular society. They all teach that man can improve himself and reach a level of godhead in some way or other. Bibles802

     Christianity on the other hand reveals mans deepest and darkest failures. Christianity is established entirely upon the Bible. Secularism has spent many more years trying to destroy the Bible than it has spent trying to destroy Christmas. Christianity cries out that man has a need that he cannot fill. It lays open before all that man is outside of hope if left to his own abilities. If left to himself man is born into and will die in a sinful state. It speaks of judgment to come, yet tells of hope beyond understanding in the greatest love story ever told.

     The world’s ideologies, religions and governments are led and controlled by Lucifer according to the Bible. The Bible teaches us that in their natural state people are in bondage to sin. If these groups truly wanted the world to know love and live in peace they would flock to true Christianity.

     Secularism only looks at those who have perverted Christian teachings and in this narrow view they attack Christianity because their agenda is to destroy Christianity, not embrace it. True Christianity reaches out to all people without regard to race, gender, lifestyle, success or failures. True Christianity is evangelistic in that it brings hope wherever its message is told. True Christianity is Pastoral in that it teaches the means and the power to live life to the fullest ability of every member and establishes the truth of life everlasting. True Christianity is life changing, not of necessity, but of choice.

     As a Christian you are truly free. You are free from all condemnation of both man and God. You can actually do anything you want to but the amazing part of it all is that the relationship you build with Christ draws you away from the harmful struggles with sin. The love and peace you live in and experience daily is worth far more than the pleasures derived from fleshly lust and greed.

     I think all of us as Christians understand that Jesus was not born on December 25th. This date has roots established in Catholicism. This is not really important. What is important is that Christmas draws us to the remembrance of the coming into this world of a better hope for all of man. It is the tip of the iceberg. It is the beginning of the story of a man whose life, death and resurrection has changed uncountable multitudes beyond what words could begin to tell.

     To those of us who have had a personal and life changing meeting at some altar of acceptance and repentance, he is without doubt both man and God. No one could convince you otherwise. If you have ever truly accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior, this truth is indelibly burned into your soul.

     Who took the X out of Xmas? I hope that you did. I hope with all that is within me that you come to realize that Christ is the all and all of Christmas. The gift giving, the getting together of family and friends, the decorations and all of the other trimmings are just eye candy and “feel good” times.

     The reason for the season is the manger scene that liberal elite want to deprive you of. The reason for the season is in the carol you will sing that speaks of a truth that is life changing. The reason for the season is not in the crippled boy of some emotional TV show, even though it iJesus_the_Shepherd001s good to think on these things. The reason for the season is realizing that you are that crippled or lost lamb. Maybe you weren’t in a physical body but you had a need that could not be met and God loved you enough to meet that need. Maybe it is you that needs to be lifted from some horrible pit. You had or have an overwhelming need to be born of God’s Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ. God loved you so much that He let his only begotten Son take your place in sin and judgment so you could be free.

     The reason for the season is in the first word of Christmas. Do not let secular, liberal America and greedy businesses take from you the peace of a true “holy” day by putting an “X” in place of Christ.

     An “X” cannot save you. An “X” cannot lift your spirit from the pit you may be in. An “X” cannot fill your soul with hope or change your life. An “X” cannot establish the path and direction of your life. An “X” cannot fill your home and family with peace and love. Christ can and will do all of these things and more.

     The story of Christmas is one of the most beautiful stories ever told. God himself put aside his robes of glory and took upon himself human flesh to redeem man whom He loves. There is no greater love. Abraham prophesied of this on Mount Moriah (Gen 22) when he told Isaac his son, “God will prepare himself a lamb for sacrifice”. That day a ram was provided. The Lamb of God was declared by John the Baptist on the banks of the Jordan, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”.  Accept Jesus Christ today and know the real reason for the season. Merry Christmas.



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